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2009-05-05   Motion to Convert Ch 11 Case  More  More  More  [PDFs]  More
2009-10-23   Preliminary report from Edward N. Cahn  More  More  More  [PDFs]  More  [MP3]

2010-03-04   SCO vs. Novell: Six years later, lawsuit finally going to trial  More
2010-03-30   SCO vs. Novell: Utah Jury Confirms Novell Has Ownership of UNIX Copyrights
2010-03-30   SCO vs. Novell: Exhibit and witness list  [PDF]
2010-03-30   SCO vs. Novell: Welcome to any jurors... - See document  More  More  [PDF]
2010-03-31   SCO vs. Novell: I emailed the judge last night ... - See document
2010-04-07   SCO interim report  More  More  [PDFs]  More  [MP3]
2010-04-07   SCO vs. Novell: Cahn "thought the case was well argued and presented" - See document
2010-04-19   SCO vs. Novell: I was on the jury. In deliberations we agreed that the APA ... - See document

2011-08-30   SCO vs. Novell: Court rules against Utah's SCO over Unix copyrights

2014-12-15   Judge Nuffer finally woke up - See document

2015-06-11   Status conference hearing  [PDF]
2015-10-01   Groklaw: Interest Over Time - See document

2016-08-31   SCO brief, oral argument request  [PDF]
2016-11-02   IBM brief  [PDF]
2016-11-21   SCO brief  [PDF]

2017-03-22   Order  [PDF]
2017-10-30   Decision  [PDF]
2017-11-13   Petition  [PDF]

2018-01-02   Order, decision, judgment  More  [PDFs]
2018-01-24   Mandate  [PDF]