It's Back To Denver, Yet Again


February 16, 2016

Just up on GL [IBM-1162]: "Joint MOTION for Judgment under Rule 54(b) and Memorandum in Support filed by Plaintiff SCO Group"

For once, SCO and IBM agree --- there is no reason for Judge Nuffer to rule on SCO's or IBM's remaining SJ Motions.

"There is no just reason for delaying SCO’s appeal from such Orders, as the final resolution of SCO’s claims may make it unnecessary, as a practical matter, for the Court to decide the several pending motions concerning IBM’s counterclaims, given SCO’s bankruptcy and its explanation that it has de minimis financial resources beyond the value of the claims on which the Court has granted summary judgment for IBM."

Further, even the Appellate Court will not be incovenienced.

"In addition, SCO’s claims at issue in the Orders are separable from IBM’s counterclaims for purposes of appeal, and the nature of the claims are such that no appellate court would have to decide the same issues more than once if there were any subsequent appeals.

Ground Hog day, anyone?

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