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January 30, 2015

And so another year has passed for SCO. Time for the 2014 edition of Year In Review. Let us recap the highlights, such as they are.

As a reminder - at the beginning of the year, we were waiting for Judge Nuffer to rule on IBM's SJ [technically a PSJ] Motion before the Utah court could procede to step 4 of the Nuffer plan.

Judge Nuffer did rule [IBM-1132], granting IBM's CC9 and CC10, granting IBM's motion for partial judgment on SCO's remaining claims insofar as they rely on rights retained by Novell, and prohibiting SCO from relitigating issues decided in Novell.

What is up next? It is now time for step 4 of the Nuffer plan to be executed [ IBM-1115]:

4. "After [IBM's PSJ] motion is decided, by a method and on a schedule yet to be determined, the court anticipates the parties will be asked to identify summary judgment motions filed before the case was assigned to this judge which should still be decided and digest and submit pertinent parts of memoranda and supporting materials. These motions will be reactivated on the court docket and would then be resolved by the court."

The motion has, indeed, been decided. So it now up to someone (presumably Judge Nuffer) to come up with a method and schedule by which SJ motions that are still to be decided can be reactivated.

And that's it. Let us hope that the coming year can live up to to the excitement and buzz from the one just passed.

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