A toast


March 31, 2010

The post I'm replying to is nearly four years old.

If you bother to read it, it's a long rambling story about how a college friend who made thousands shorting SCO in 2003 repaid me with a bottle of Ardbeg 17, which is no longer available on the market and my all-time favorite single-malt.

That bottle has seen occasional celebratory sips since 2006, but it's still nearly half-full.

That's what I'm celebrating with tonight. And, I took my first sip of it in 2010 with a toast to everyone here, on Groklaw and other places.

I know it's not over, and honestly I wouldn't want it to be, but an end is in sight. So, here's to those who've stayed active; to those no longer with us like Ed; to warmcat (yahoeuvre), diogenes (flagon) and others who dropped out long ago but who I know are celebrating in their own way. Heck, to ledite, biff, Darl and snowshoes.

It's been a fun and entertaining seven years. I've learned much about the law, the legal system, justice and the stock market.

Here's to seven more!

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Source: Investor Village SCO Board [ http://www.investorvillage.com/smbd.asp?mb=1911 ]

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