Report From The Courthouse


July 16, 2009

I have just had the privilege of serving on Jury Duty at my local Federal Courthouse. It was an interesting experience. For my one assignment, I was chosen to be questioned as a potential juror. The judge would call us in groups of 14, seat us in the jury box, and proceed through each person having them answer a series of questions. When my turn came I was asked questions about where I lived, what was my job, etc. It was all going along smoothly and uneventfully.

Then came the most seemingly innocent question of all, one for which the judge had no anticipation of the answer that was about to follow. I was about what I liked to read. Most other potential jurors were answering that they read things like magazines or mystery novels. I answered that I was spending a lot of time reading Court filings in a dozen civil lawsuits filed in Federal District Courts around the country. This answer quite interested the judge, and she asked for more information. I told her the story of computer software, allegations of infringement, SCO v. IBM, how I had researched the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure, Federal Rules of Evidence, the Bankruptcy code, and the rules regarding conflict of interest by Federal Judges. With four-part harmony. I was positive that she would be deeply impressed with the depth of my knowledge and realize that I was the best qualified candidate in the entire pool.

Instead, for some unexplained reason, I was excused.

Maybe I should have added that I also read magazines and mystery novels.

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