El Corton

October 31, 2008

I notice that AllParadox started a local blog (see under the 'BLOGS' tab) a while ago, which he seems to have intended to draw some of the off-topic activity off the main board. Obviously, it didn't work, and he seems to have lost interest in posting here. Meanwhile the board is being used for their own ends by a group of people who don't seem to care that they're occupying a public space set aside for a specific purpose. I find this offensive. At one point I got so tired of it that I stopped posting here altogether. But I didn't stay away. There's still much to be learned from the SCO story, and saying something in public motivates me to think more carefully.

So now I'm going to try the reverse of AllParadox's experiment: I've started a blog called 'SCO Notes.' From now on, my remarks (if I have any) will be found there. The blog will be primarily for my own use, as an alternative to taking notes privately, but if anyone is interested in what I have to say, it will be there -- at least for a while. I've set it up to accept comments with approval. If I do get comments, the policy will be that they must be on topic; and they must either provide interesting information that has been researched, or raise a non-trivial question for research. Humor is welcome as long as it's funny and on topic.

In case anyone wants to be added as a contributor or manager, please contact me by PM. Do so only on the condition that you'll adhere to the above policy.

For the record, I have no financial or legal credentials, and I may have a short position in SCOXQ. Nothing I write should be construed as legal or investment advice or as an offer to give such advice.

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