Greetings from Yahoo, bless their pointy little heads


June 9, 2008

I have a person who sounds interested in the story of anybody who had an account yanked by Yahoo since the change in their violating reporting system. The publication would be The Register.

One of the things he requested is:

Also, do you have the names and emails addresses of a few other people whose accounts have also been locked?

If you are willing to be part of the article, send me your e-mail addy at I will leave it up to you if you give him your real name, though I would expect he would need it.

I will also send you the full text of what he sent me.

-Brian (still diogenese19348 in all places but one)

5:26:31 PM

New Yahoo account question


June 10, 2008

I need a count of the number of accounts that have been terminated. You don't need to be quoted in the article, I am just looking for a total number here (of course if anybody else wants to foward their opinion the the writer, e-mail me,, or PM me here.

I also need an example of one of nymsuckers little goat-dance quotes on getting an account terminated. A live one would be better then a copy, but I will take either.

I am limited as to what I can do on Yahoo! at the moment since I refuse to start a new account.


2:52:17 PM

Good News


June 10, 2008

My account is back. We have the attention of someone at Yahoo, so if you have any info/suggestions or an account you want reviewed, now is a good time to speak up. PM me here, or either of my e-mail addresses or

We probably only have a window of a day or two, so get me anything you have tomorrow if possible. You do not have to make a statement, but you will need to authorize Yahoo to examine your account. In theory, they already know who you are when you created it.


10:45:46 PM

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