Who Owns The Copyright To UNIX System V R4.2?


February 23, 2008

This version is the last release of Unix System V by USL and Novell. According to wikipedia.org, it was developed in 1992 and 1993. Multiple versions appeared. It was this version that incorporated the multiprocessing improvements provided by Sequent. It was this version that introduced dynamically loadable kernel modules, which are one of the items that is claimed to infringe SCO's copyrights in the AutoZone lawsuit.

In 2003, The SCO Group filed for copyright registration TX 5-762-235 for the software code UNIX SYSTEM V RELEASE 4.2. SCO's basis for claiming ownership of the copyright is Schedule 1.1(a) Assets I. "All rights and ownership of UNIX and UnixWare ..."

Let us imagine that SCO successfully appeals Judge Kimball's Aug 10 decision, and that upon remand, it is determined that the Amended APA did, indeed transfer the copyrights. This means that SCO's copyright registration is valid, right?


The problem lies with Schedule 1.1(a) Assets I, which enumerates all the version of UNIX Source Code Products that were being transferred to Santa Cruz. UNIX SVR4.0 MP and UNIX SVR4.1 ES are listed in the table.

Conspicuously absent, however, is UNIX SVR4.2.

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