One last word - from Andrea McBride


September 15, 2007

I guess I was surprised to hear back from her again... my original message to her is at the bottom of her reply - which has some rather interesting opinions in it. Comments are, as always, welcome.


Andrea McBride to me 12:53 am (2 hours ago)


Me, nor my family, will not live nor die by ANYTHING that happens in the courtroom. There is far more to life than what one judge, with the help of one clerk (who happens to have some close connections to Eben Moglen) has to say about their OPINION of this case.

I still believe that the copyrights were transferred to SCO, so do many others...including ALL that were involved in the transaction, between Novell and SCO, on both sides, but that is okay, your group has a way of intimidating even the strongest people...death threats, live worms delivered to our home, prank calls at all hours of the day and night with profane language. It would be interesting to see what kind of threats and pressure have been put on the people in charge of this case.

We will never see eye to eye on this case. So, I am not going to try to convince you otherwise and please don't fill my email box up with your beliefs of what has transpired.

From here on out, if you have anything to say to Darl or Ralph, go ahead and send it directly to them. I am not the messenger girl. If you have something to say to me, I am open for it, just keep it clean and nice too! I really am a pretty sweet girl.


P.S. We won't be moving anywhere, we have nothing to hide from.
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Saltydogmn wrote:

I hate to say I told you so, BUT...

...the entire IT *world* told you so.

Hope you enjoy your new home in the Maldives, or Pyongyang, or
Caracas, or maybe Tehran... sorry, but I can't think of any other
places that don't have an extradition treaty with the US; I'm sure you
have already done the research.

You were wrong from the start, you KNEW you were wrong from the start,
and now you get to enjoy the benefits of always being that way. I hope
the SEC decides to ask you a LOT of questions. You always said you
wanted a jury trial, but I don't think the SEC does that, do they?
What do I know - I'm just a long-haired smellie, anyway.

Tell Ralph I said hi. -Bob Salwasser / Maplewood, MN

(Please forward this to Darl. I'm sure he won't actually read it, but
I had to say what was on my mind, at least this one last time. Thank

P.S. Please send me my invoice for SCOSource, as I have written this
message while using the Swiftfox browser, on Kubuntu Linux 6.06 LTS,
on an IBM ThinkPad! How audacious is that?

4:59:23 AM

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