Final post

El Corton

September 5, 2007

The state of this board, even at the climax of events that everyone here has ostensibly been waiting for these past four years and more, has become such that I no longer care to be associated with it, even under a pseudonym.

I have no trouble understanding that there are people who think that whatever comes into their mind must be as interesting to others as it is to them. I know that such people will always be able to justify what they do to their own satisfaction. What I don't get is why, out of the hundreds of thousands or millions of message boards on the Internet, all just as well suited to their needs, they have to pick this one to victimize.

This will therefore be my last post here. I disclaim any future messages in this or any other forum under the name "El Corton" or anything similar.

I don't want to retire this identity with a complaint. When it comes to things that matter, there isn't that much to complain about. The struggle against SCO has been what I call a success, and I think it will be an important one with lasting consequences. Posting my thoughts here and on Yahoo and Groklaw has given me a satisfying sense of participation in these events. It's also been an opportunity to learn more about the meeting point of law, finance, and technology than I could have in any other way.

Thanks and regards to those who made it all worthwhile.

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