Announcing Claim Tracker v1.0


August 17, 2007

Preliminary release:

The purpose is to make clear the effect of last week's ruling, and to facilitate guesswork about its impact on SCO v IBM.

My sympathy to anyone who is red/green colour blind - hopefully the corny icons are an adequate fallback. Sorry about the huge turgid quotes from SCO's claims against IBM. Feedback, corrections, suggestions gratefully received, and golden cookies will be awarded for reports of particularly embarassing mistakes.

11:41:32 AM

Claim tracker v1.2 'Jimi'


August 18, 2007
Updated w.r.t. last night's new filing.

Codswallet Compliant Colour Coded Claims:
Purple means SCO is bruised
Red means SCO is bleeding
Green means dollars for Novel

11:51:02 AM

Source: Investor Village SCO Board [, ]

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