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August 16, 2006

There is an interesting japanese web site [ ] which covers a McBride presentation in Japan on  07/09/2003.
Check out Babelfish [ ] for a translation from Japanese into English.

Look at those powerpoint images:

They claim among other things "Patents", "Trade secrets" and "Copyrights"   


Their "SCO Source Chronology" time table mentions their famous "Code Evaluation teams" (which finally went missing).
(BTW: Please somebody check that time table to correctness/differences)    


This image shows "IBM derivative work contributions to Linux 2.5"   


This image shows a count of claimed "IBM / Sequent files in Linux 2.5"
They seem to claim there that Linux 2.2 didn't contain any files.


This image presents their view of the "Linux Development Path"   

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Re: Interesting japanese web site


August 16, 2006

Look at those numbers in the lower left corner of those slides.

Highest number seems to be #31.
I would love to see those other slides...

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August 17, 2006

<< Highest number seems to be #31. >>
Looks like 35 to me on sco07.jpg

<< I would love to see those other slides... >>

I can get you two more:

( gives Not Found)

And golly-gosh, they all have the EXIF data intact. They were taken with a Nikon D100 on 9 July 2003 and subsequently photoshopped (TM).

sco01.jpg 10:13:38 slide n/a Darl with greying temples
sco02.jpg 10:23:24 slide 15  Operating Systems
sco03.jpg 10:24:18 slide 16  UNIX Operating System
sco04.jpg 10:42:22 slide 27  SCOsource Chronology
sco05.jpg 10:57:49 slide 30  IBM [alleged] Derivative Works Contributions
sco06.jpg 11:00:50 slide 31  IBM/Sequent files in Linux
sco07.jpg 11:18:45 slide 35  Linux Development Path
sco08.jpg 11:23:21 slide 36? Dramatic increase in Unix Vendor contributions

I'd WAG this was a general presentation about SCO's business, and the Great Scam was depicted in about ten slides of forty-ish. The logical thing would be to discuss the company and then the two divisions' activities, so slides up to 14 possibly about the company, 16-26 possibly Openserver/Unixware roadmap. But look how much slower he goes on the Scam Slides:

1-14 M.I.A., fourteen slides in ten minutes
15 Operating systems
16-26 M.I.A., eleven slides in eighteen minutes
27-36?, ten slides in twenty-five minutes

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Source: Investor Village SCO Board [ ]

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