Linux desktop share can't be accurately determined

August 15, 2006


I've mentioned something similar elsewhere but it bears repeating here. Virtually all of the computers used by my immediate family run Linux. They are also all counted in the Windows desktop market share statistics due to the fact that I was forced to pay for and receive a copy of an operating system I will never use built into the purchase prive of the computer.

I would imagine that 90% or more of those running Linux fall statistically into the same windows desktop category for the same reasons.

Was Linux extreemly easy to setup? Not particulatrly no, given the range of different manufacturer's that make up our current family computer inventory. However, I only have to go through the steps necessary to find drivers and setup the hardware once with Linux! With windows it is a recurring process and each time you re-install a windows os there is another set of security updates and service packs that you need to download, connected to the internet, as you race with the malware, virii and worms out there to get the hours and hours of patches installed before the exploits for them hit your machine.

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Re: Linux desktop share can't be accurately determined


August 15, 2006

My 3 home Linux machines would be counted as:

Linux 33.3%
Winderz 33.3%
OS/2 33.3%

I also have 3 hardware "appliances" of which 2 run embedded Linux.
Is there any survey of the OS market share for these devices?

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