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July 29, 2006

IV has accepted my suggestion to create a message forum for Loon Energy or LNEGF.PK


I nominate Loon Energy as the official DDT web forum, and urge all DDT threads and darnings to migrate to is august precints.

DDT is a troll that wants an audience. If we humor his pathology, he will follow the path to glory and live in his own little kingdom.

Everyone who has ever posted to a DDT thread needs to perform ritual absolutions and migrate to the deep dark Loon Energy pond. The call of the Loon beckons!
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Diversionary Tactics by the Loons


July 30, 2006

The Loons, led by their main man Panglozz, created a separate forum for me. They ask me to confine myself to it, but I cannot leave the Loons in the lurch. I'm their only link with the real world.

If I am not here, who is going to tell them the Linux desktop is permanently dead in the water? Or, that they have no evidence to put Ralph Yarro away? Or, that the SEC is sick to death of all the material the Loons are sending its way? Or, that SCO owns Unix? Or, that IBM is rumoured to be very seriously considering settling with SCO? Or, that Windows rocks? I have to be here to check the Loon delusions.

BTW, the good folks at Investor Village seem to be catering every Loon whim and need. They allowed the "SEC terrorist" panglozz to create a forum all by himself under their auspices. The poor fu**ers don't know the Linux freeloaders are not going to click on any adverts, much less buy anything off the adverts. I think I will probably let them know that. Like everything I do, this will be for the Loons' own good.
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Source: Investor Village SCO Board [ http://www.investorvillage.com/smbd.asp?mb=1911 ]

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