Peredur ab Efrog


July 26, 2006

Since it's quiet.

Just so everyone knows; my nym really is my name (or at least one of them) and works as follows (stress is on the syllable following the apostrophe):

Peredur (pr. peh-'reh-deer) = Peter (near enough)
ab = son of
Efrog  (pr. 'Eh-vrog) = York

The name derives from the fact that my father was a Yorkshireman.

Now you know.


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Re: Peredur ab Efrog


July 26, 2006

I  maintain my privacy by using super secret numerically based information cloaking technology.  Only those people who are willing to spend 5 to 30 seconds with google and/or can strip a number from a string are capable of unmasking my true identity.

Hamjudo used to be my phone number.  I moved before phone numbers were portable between towns, a 426 exchange wasn't an option at my new house.  By then it was too late to change my domainname, and it was in the UUCP maps.

Check out my resume, send me some work. (An offer only open to those who can use google or otherwise discern my secret identity.)

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Re: Sooper Seekrit Identities


July 26, 2006

"I maintain my privacy by using super secret numerically based information cloaking technology"

Whoa, slow down!

That is some diabolically clever cloaking - it took entire SECONDS to get around.

Impressive. Looking at part of your CV, I came across this one: ,
and I found myself wondering, will it still work on CDs with DRM, or does your microwave have to download a special codec?

The whole "bad science with your microwave oven" subject reminded me of a site I tripped over about 10 years ago:
"Glubco is so afraid we will not tell you how to do it."
Too late.
They had already hinted at a sinister outcome for anyone foolish enough to try.
(raises hand)
Don't try it. My microwave monitor went completely apesh1t, and the smell hung around for a month. But the (inanimate) target DID catch on fire.
Unfortunately so did the high-voltage portion of the rig.
The fuse on the power supply didn't blow, so the arc flash of the explosion was memorable beyond words.
repeat DON'T try this at home.
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