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July 19, 2006

(Aug 19, 2003)
The SCO Group Announces Appointment of Gregory Blepp
Former VP of International Business at SuSE Joins SCO As VP of SCOsource in Europe

LINDON, Utah, Aug 19, 2003 -- The SCO Group, Inc. (Nasdaq: SCOX), the owner of the UNIX® operating system, today announced the appointment of Gregory Blepp as vice president of SCOsource. Blepp will report to Chris Sontag, the senior vice president and general manager of SCOsource, the division of SCO tasked with protecting and licensing the company's UNIX intellectual property.

Blepp, a former VP of International Business at SuSE, brings to SCO a wealth of experience in marketing and business management from time at Network Associates and Computer Associates. Blepp's appointment is taking place at SCOForum in Las Vegas this week where he is being introduced to SCO partners and resellers.

"We're pleased to have Gregory Blepp join SCO to assist in our efforts around SCOsource in Europe," said Chris Sontag, senior vice president and GM, SCOsource. "We look forward to using Blepp's talents and expertise in assisting the company to properly license SCO's valuable UNIX intellectual property."

(April 2004)
"'We never dreamed it was possible that the matter would take on such proportions,' explained Gregory Blepp, Vice President of SCO during CeBIT.

"'We had a licence contract with IBM about their Unix variation AIX, and we are firmly convinced IBM violated this contract.' The accusation: lines of code, copyrighted by SCO, were made available to the Open Source community under the General Public Licence (GPL) and slipped into Linux by IBM. 'We, as a small company, couldn't allow such conduct on the part of a contractual partner,' Blepp justified litigation.
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(April 14, 2004)
According to this new report, the code needed to bolster the lawsuits is in the briefcase of Blepp, who serves as the company's vice president of licensing operations.

"'I have proof right here in my suitcase,'" Blepp said in the Spiegel story, translated by a Groklaw reader. "Out of the five million lines of the Linux source code, there are about 1 [million] to 1.5 million lines affected," Blepp said.

(August 16, 2004)
"What ever happened to that SCO sales guy in Germany, Gregory Blepp, who said he was carrying 'millions of lines' of the disputed Linux code in his own briefcase last April?" I asked. "That was an interesting story. He kind of fell off the map; I haven't heard about him lately."

Stowell laughed. "Oh, he no longer works for us," he said. "But I think he might be doing some consulting. Anyway, do you know how many pages 'millions of lines of code' would be? A lot bigger than his briefcase, that's for sure. That should have been somebody's first clue."

(August 20 2004)
I [PJ] pointed out that the press release announcing he had been made a Vice President didn't indicate that he was hired as a consultant.He [Blepp] answered like this:

"I am only consulting with SCO since day one for a couple of reasons. I know it was taken up differently in many places, as some other facts, especially by Heise in Germany, but they did not as you, contact me directly (and I offered) so I did not bother any more correcting all the time.

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