Investor Village - SCO vs. IBM

2006-05-16   Investor Village SCOX Intro
2006-07-15   The Coming Invasion  More  More  More
2006-07-15   One decade on Yahoo - See document  More  More  More
2006-07-16   Investor Village: Could this work as a place to flee Yahoo!?  More  More
2006-07-17   Yahoo! Finance launched enhanced version of its stock message boards - See document
2006-07-17   GTW board now set up
2006-07-17   No fireworks at the hearing
2006-07-17   No archival from here  More
2006-07-17   How did you get my personal IP address?  More
2006-07-17   Al P. missing in action  More
2006-07-18   SCO's bogus objections  More  More  More
2006-07-18   SEC complaint  More
2006-07-18   TSCOG effectively admits it has nothing  More  More
2006-07-18   Did "you spot the Medabiliti toolbar button on the screenshots PJ ..."  Screenshots  More
2006-07-18   Updated reverse-engineered Final Disclosure allegations
2006-07-19   SCO tool chain USWAG
2006-07-19   Gregory Blepp, vice president SCO source
2006-07-20   The Dynix License Arrangements
2006-07-21   SCO Claims IBM Destroyed Crucial Evidence  More
2006-07-21   J H Cohen update
2006-07-23   Basic elements of trade secret violation claims  More  More
2006-07-24   Foundation of Torts, Contracts, and Civil Damages
2006-07-24   IBM 725- item and tab density
2006-07-25   Message board activity
2006-07-25   Short interest unchanged
2006-07-26   Peredur ab Efrog  More  More  More
2006-07-27   The ABI files
2006-07-29   DDT discussion forum
2006-07-29   Infringing code available  More
2006-07-31   $2 here we come
2006-08-01   Salt Lake City, Utah people love Groklaw  More
2006-08-02   Paging Mr. Boies
2006-08-04   SCOX and Shorts
2006-08-07   Group's reactions to SCOX news surprises me
2006-08-15   Linux desktop share can't be accurately determined
2006-08-16   Interesting japanese web site 
2006-08-16   Otis Wilson subpoena proceedings  More  More  More  More
2006-08-18   Did we know about this?
2006-08-20   Looking back to ...
2006-08-21   IBM: docket entries galore
2006-08-27   Nearly a year ago, I bought one share of SCOX  More
2006-08-29   Ceragenix has it's own board
2006-08-29   Malicious prosecution
2006-09-01   Anderer data dictionary
2006-09-06   Net loss 3.58 million
2006-09-10   Are commercial flavors of UNIX derived from AT&T System V code?  More
2006-09-11   Y!AMD just like Y!SCOX  More
2006-09-12   Progress toward delisting
2006-09-25   Yarro paper loss today: $2,157,420 
2009-09-25   #773 on Tuxrocks  PDFs:  More  More  More
2006-10-15   Allegations chart updated
2006-10-26   What I think will happen
2006-11-19   Kimball rules: #884 Magistrate order AFFIRMED and ADOPTED  More  [PDF]
2006-12-01   Investors Abandon SCO  More
2006-12-04   What is SCOX really worth?
2006-12-08   The end is literally in sight

2007-01-18   Court hearing  More
2007-01-26   Headcount  More
2007-02-16   Pacer  PDFs:  More  More
2007-03-01   The cool thing was the IBM movie. The courtroom was packed.  More  More
2007-03-02   Order denying Motion for Relief for IBM's Spoliation of Evidence  More  [PDF]
2007-03-17   Common stock available for resale may depress
2007-03-25   SCO's Copyright Infringement Allegations
2007-03-27   SCO's evidence in support of claim that IBM spoliated evidence
2007-04-04   SCO's efforts to depose Pamela Jones
2007-04-09   Table of SCO's allegations new revision
2007-04-14   A little bit of Grokwar
2007-06-01   Court report is on Groklaw now
2007-06-04   A tool to compare code trees, more recent UNIX source ...
2007-08-17   Announcing Claim Tracker v1.0
2007-08-29   #410: SCO's motion for entry of final judgment  PDFs:  More  More  More
2007-09-05   Final post  More
2007-09-10   Did SCO get Linux-mob justice?  More  More  [PDF]
2007-09-14   BK filing docs, on TuxRocks
2007-09-15   One last word ...
2007-11-05   Story on Al Petrofsky? - See document  More
2007-11-09   Where did weeble's comments go? - See document
2007-11-10   More dissent at Groklaw
2007-11-16   PJ comes clean regarding Al Petrofsky  More
2007-12-06   #473: Kimball requests a joint statement
2007-12-27   SCO Delisted as of Today - See document

2008-02-15   Kumbaya, sayonara
2008-02-23   Who Owns The Copyright To UNIX System V R4.2?
2008-04-24   Petrofsky's SCO trading history  More
2008-05-11   Will Microsoft die like WorldCom?
2008-05-14   Yahoo Finance censoring factual posts  More 
2008-06-09   Account yanked by Yahoo  More  More  More  More
2008-07-05   A Letter To NBC - See document
2008-09-11   El Corton's find now featured on Groklaw
2008-10-31   I have no financial or legal credentials, and I may have ...  More
2008-12-17   Where is PJ?

2009-03-26   Pamela Jones' Identity of Groklaw Unveiled?
2009-03-28   Disruption reported
2009-03-30   Vacation from SCO v. The World
2009-04-06   Intro to the command line - See document
2009-04-14   Petrofsky's SCO trading history  More
2009-06-08   Caperton recusal motions
2009-07-16   Report from the courthouse
2009-08-06   Suggestions for the trustee
2009-08-31   Edward Cahn's first action as Chapter 11 Trustee  More
2009-10-23   Preliminary report from Edward N. Cahn  More  More  More  [PDFs]  More  [MP3]
2009-10-23   Cahn confident IBM and Novell cases meritorious  More
2009-12-03   Is Stewart biased against Novell?
2009-12-03   The July 27 hearing audio
2009-12-30   "And how many shares do you own?" "One hundred."  More  [PDF]

2010-01-20   Unix's big Four-Zero
2010-02-23   SCO wants an uneducated jury
2010-03-04   Historical background to the APA
2010-03-10   Daily transcripts
2010-03-11   Choice of forum for discussion of SCO Group
2010-03-31   A toast ... friend who made thousands shorting SCO in 2003 ...  More
2010-05-27   Law, Open Source, Linux  More
2010-10-25   Report from the courthouse II

2012-07-02   Dave's SlackBuilds - See document  More  More
2012-11-09   Final post

2013-06-21   Your favorite OS of all time?
2013-12-31   SCO year in review

2014-07-27   Latest Groklaw updates
2014-09-17   One year later
2014-12-15   Judge Nuffer finally woke up

2015-01-30   SCO year in review
2015-03-03   New order from Chief Judge David (no nonsense) Nuffer
2015-03-15   Status report filed
2015-04-13   SCO and IBM: back to Utah
2015-06-23   Minute order
2015-10-01   Groklaw: Interest Over Time - See document

2016-01-07   Transcript of status hearing
2016-02-06   Monterey claims tossed by Nuffer
2016-02-16   It's back to denver
2016-03-01   Is SCO "dead"?
2016-03-29   Notice of appeal filed
2016-09-01   SCOXQ appeal
2016-11-02   IBM response brief posted
2016-11-21   We have a reply brief